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First Deposit – First Bust Out

So, I had been playing on the “play money” tables for a few days, and couldn’t wait any longer, I made my first deposit on Full Tilt, found myself a cash game in the micro limits range and took a seat.

All went well, I folded a few rag holdings, entered cautiously with a couple of worthwhile hands and eventually made a small profit and left the table ahead, but only just.

This tiny win, set me up for a big fall… it was late – real late, I was tired and far too emotional, but I sat down again, and again and again, and lost again and again and again, I finally gave up around $10 behind.

The next day brought focus, and instant realization of all the previous days mistakes, but now I wasn’t playing to take a few pots, or even just for fun, I was playing to recoup my losses. I was setup for another fall and fall I did.

Two more days of improvements, didn’t reverse the tide and my first bankroll was used up, when an opponent flopped a full house on the river beating my ace high flush.

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