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Poker Academy Prospector

It was pointed out to me that many online poker players use “tracking” software to help them analyze there game by importing and studying hand histories. This is something I’ve never been interested in before, but realizing this gave my opponents an advantage I decided to jump on the bandwagon and went on the search for suitable offerings.

The first software packages I found, where either heavily priced or heavily rubbish, and I probably would have given up on the idea if I hadn’t bumped into Poker Prospector.

Poker Prospector is a software tool, which allows you to import hand histories from online casino’s, so you can record them and analyze how you played in particular circumstances and look for ways to improve on any flagged weaknesses.

I’ve been using it for a week now, and I am really pleased with it, it offers a huge range of analysis capabilities, most of which I am not taking advantage of yet has I have only imported 40 sessions or so, but what I am benefiting from is the graphical representations of my bankroll… it really focuses you, when your are recording your losses graphically, to remind you of each and every bad decision which caused such a loss!

So far I have been using the free trial offer, the only thing putting me off paying for the software is that you are only paying for a key to activate the product, when I would prefer to actually buy a physical product for that money (around $50) . Having said that, it is very good software, and I will likely folk out for the activation key sooner or later.


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