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Today’s Session

Its been another bumpy session today although much better then yesterday, the highlight early on was 3rd in an 18 player Sit-N-Go, I should have come second at least, but I made a bad call against an opponent who was going all-in almost constantly, and if I’m honest with myself I tilted, got angry and did something stupid just to stand up to the jerk.

Things got worse later, Sat down at another 18 player Sit-N-Go and was out in 17th, same reckless behavior I’ve seen all day both on the Sit-N-Go’s and on the freeroll’s and I couldn’t take it, just threw all my money away, it was totally stupid. Sat down at another and didn’t do much better, I was really annoyed with myself because I ruined my record of cashing in every 18 player tournament I’ve sat down at before these losses coming 1st, 4th and 2nd.

I was determined to finish on a high though, and controlled my emotions, despite loosing some big pots pretty early, mostly down to leading into a pot pre-flop with hands like QQ or AJ, and then having to drop them to a vilains all-in on the flop, but bit by bit and with a bit of luck on my side at a few key rivers I rebuilt and managed to finish 2nd.

I still haven’t reached my bankroll’s high point yet, but I’m well on my way to passing it, and its comforting to know that buy using some basic bankroll management I can loose game after game, after game and still be ahead of my deposit amount and then come back and increase my bankroll yet further.

The switch from cash games to Sit-N-Go tournaments in the micro limits has proved successful to this point, and I’m looking forward to building my bankroll enough so I can move up to the $5 Sit-N-Go’s for the first time.

I’ve also been thinking about giving PL Sit-N-Go’s a try as I am really sick of facing an almost constant barrage of all-in’s from my weaker crazier opponents both early and late on in the tournaments. I haven’t found a structure I’m happy with on Poker Stars yet though, all the PL Sit-N-Go’s seem to be 45 player based or are classed as turbo. I’m not sure what the difference is between regular and turbo Sit-N-Go’s but so far it has been enough to put me off.

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Had a bit of a bumpy ride this session, marked by early losses, and then I recovered a little with my 1st place cash, but only one 3rd place cash in the next two games didn’t help much. I did however top my freeroll record by reaching 1,122 place beating my earlier highest finish of 1,787 from a field of 11,973 entrants

I was pleased with where I finished out of the field, especially considering for much of the early stages I was sat out, busy on a sit-n-go table trying to get that finished. My downfall was not being aggressive enough and not giving a new aggressive player at the table credit for holding more the a pair on occasions. In my defense it is past 6am and I have been up all night, so I think I was actually looking for a way out to get to bed.

Next freeroll I enter, I will make sure I won’t be too tired later on to earn myself one of the 27 round two tickets.

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A Win!

At last the bubble as burst, I have got my first win and can start to recover from my last session. I am Pleased with how I played, but I came close to the rail at a few points and the flop was kind at a crucial moment, allowing me to rebuild before we became shorthanded.

My opponent heads-up was the chip leader throughout the second half of the game, and I could tell she had some skills, but I was reasonably confident that I could beat her, as long as I did not suffer too many losses early on, as she had a commanding advantage in stack sizes at this point.

She seemed almost eager to go all-in or to commit a large amount of her stack in one hand once she had seen the flop. In my experience this type of play from your opponent is favorable heads-up, especially if you are confident in your post flop play, as you only have to run into one good flop and you can get them to commit most of there stack or go all-in when you are way ahead, of course you also have to be able to walk away from a bad flop whilst minimizing your losses.

I’ve seen lots of players who once they see a flop heads-up are almost desperate to get there money in, it might come down to pressure I don’t know, but it has forced me to change my tactics, which is probably a good thing anyway.

I used to win heads-up on pure aggression (which I found very demanding mentally and emotionally), constantly chipping away at my opponents stack, now though with players ready to get there money in, I find it far easier to just sit back and take a moment or so when the actions on you to asses the situation and when your ahead to let your opponent hang themselves by either going all-in on middle pair or committing so much of there stack that they are in real trouble from then on.

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2 Points

After a bit of reflection on my recent sessions, I’ve realized that I need to remind myself about 2 points, which have had particular relevance online lately :

1. Even as the short stack don’t push all-in, hoping your opponent(s) will fold, no matter how stupid it will be for your opponent(s) to call, online especially at least one of them will make the call.

2. If it is unlikely that any raise you make will not reduce the field, it is pointless to make it, especially with hands like AT, AJ pre-flop.

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A Rut

I feel like I’m stuck in a rut with my game at the moment. The really irritating thing is that my play although not on pair with my best has been pretty good.

I have just increased my recent loosing streak, not cashing in my second game of the evening, the first one I could see my mistake, I read my opponent as weak, he was with only ace high, but he didn’t back down to my all-in raise, he called, and my QK didn’t improve, it was reckless to try such a move against such an opponent.

The second game however, was even worse. I play tight initially, tighter then usual in fact to make sure I’m not tilted from the previous loss and hit AJ, I’m in late position so raise 4xBB, I get a couple of callers, I miss the flop so when its checked to me I check, two people stay in with me to the river, checking all the way where I hit my jack, the other guy folds and my single opponent bets, I put him on a jack raise. He calls showing down Qx, he made top pair on the flop and checked it down, I couldn’t believe he did something so stupid and was annoyed that he won some of my chips in doing so.

A few good reads forcing me to abandon pots and a few worse flops, sees my stack slump to dangerous levels, where I get a bit of luck, from the BB I hit two pair with a free flop, I’m not much above 5 big blinds at this point so I push all-in, the same villain from earlier who slow played his queens shows down with a flopped straight, I don’t improve and I’m on the rail again.

This session as been a real pain so I’m going to have a break and recompose myself. I’m down to just under 4 buy-ins ahead of my deposit amount now after these two loosing sessions so I’m determined to pull it back tonight.

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The 4th Game

A few hours later, I couldn’t resist another bash at the tables, and despite a rocky start are soon in the running for the money. A few bad flops though and I’m in worse shape, but I feel a bit of luck may have come my way when I see a free flop in the big blind holding 53 off suite and the flop comes 553 rainbow, not messing about I’m very aggressive and get one caller, there where no draws out there so I should have put him on a set with the case 5, but it was late, I was tired (and annoyed) by this point. Anyway the board pairs on the river with a 3, he shows 54 and its a split pot. I know this hand could have finished me off, if that initial 3 was a 4, but what the fuck, the only lucky break I get the entire night, and its ripped out of my hands (in part at least) on the river!

This session cost me $4.80, which I’m not happy about in the least, but in each game there was little I could have done, it just seemed like it wasn’t my night, the board was against me. Despair I shall not though, I’m still in profit by almost $9 and as quick as this loss was to come I know that a profit will come just as quick next time at the tables.

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A Sick Session

I’ve just had a really sick session, lost all 3 games and finished 6th in each. The first game I miss every flop and go out quick when my pre-flop all-in has the short stack gets called, the second game someone rivers a flush and decimates my stack, I make an exact read on my opponent and have to abandon half my stack on the turn, leaving me in bad shape and eventually I’m on the rail. The 3rd game, I flop two pair, and play it very aggressively, the board is looking very dangerous by the turn so I go all-in, my single opponent makes the call for a 1/3 or more of his stack and hits a King on the river, knocking me out with his king high straight.

Oh and I nearly forgot holding JTs, I limp in middle position and hit an open ended straight draw, its 3 handed with a big raise in front (5xBB), the other guy folds, the pots only 300, but I need 100 to make the call, so I fold believing this to be the right thing to do, when along comes the king which would have made my nut straight, the other two didn’t even have a flush draw, they both only held queens by the river.

It hasn’t been a good session, partly brought on by myself breaking my new rules perhaps. I’m playing with pretty bad neck pain and whilst bored and in between being asleep and awake, but despite that I made good reads on my opponents and I believe made all the right moves, they just didn’t hold up tonight. I’m going to chalk it up to variance and a reminder to only play when I’m at my best and call it a day for tonight.

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A Good Day

I’ve had a good session today, and have reached $64.05, the highest profit I’ve managed to keep hold of so far. I feel that only playing when I’m not distracted or too emotional, etc has really helped me keep hold of any gains from previous sessions, allowing me to keep building as opposed to having to rebuild my bankroll all of the time.

The Session Roundup :

  • x1 1st place finish
  • x2 2nd place finishes
  • x1 3rd place finish
  • x2 losses

Today’s total profit = $6.90

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Worlds Easiest Heads-Up Match!

I have just completed the worlds easiest heads-up match ever and I am supremely confident in that fact. Here’s why, my opponent never bet, not once, he never even saw one flop. He was sitting out the entire time lol !

When it came 3 handed, the guy just under me in chips sits-out and says he’ll be right back, fine I think, less chance of the short stack doubling up, but after I knock out the short stack he is still sitting out. I start clicking those call buttons faster then ever, reducing is stack by as much as possible before he comes back, a little wicked, but what am I supposed to do wait out my time bank until he returns, I think not.

After he drops below the $1,000 mark I know its my tournament, but keep calling the blinds anyway, every single time he just folds, and eventually I have all is chips without ever having to see the flop, it was great. No risk, no bad beats, just all the chips I could get being slid over to me, every single hand 🙂

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Poker Tools

Heres a few tools that I am hoping to road test over the next week, neither of them I have used before, but it should be pretty easy to integrate them into my poker habits.

The tools are :

1. Sit-N-Go Power Tools, suggested to me by doublemeup, Which seems to help you focus on winning the most real money possible rather then the most tournament chips in Sit-N-Go’s. I think I employ pretty good strategies in this area already so it will be interesting to see if or how I change once I’ve used this.

2. Poker Hand, a web based system to upload, store and represent your hand histories. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to utilize this with Poker Stars, failing that I’ll give it a try on a FTP play money table just to get used to it, it may prove useful at some point.

3. Finally, I am going to give Poker Search a try, it is a dedicated poker related search engine. I don’t search the web for poker related information anymore so it will be interesting if Poker Search will bring up something useful.

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