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I folded trips to a donkey :-(

I don’t believe it, thought I made the smart play, laid down trip 3’s and a good kicker, due to some nut raising and re-raising… (there was a pair on the board) turns out this particular donkey was raising and re-raising with Q-high! thankfully this idiot didn’t win, another player had the other 3, but my kicker would have gave me the win if I hadn’t have folded.

I guess the number one online poker lesson isn’t quite drilled in yet:

1. Online players aren’t even close to being good poker players, they are just very lucky!

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Sick of Play Money…

Been a bit behind in my usual online poker schedule today, only had 4 games, one loss, one abandoned game and two large profits, all very well, but I am sick of play money.

I’ve decided the next time I’m able (next week) I am going to make another deposit and try to turn a little profit from online play for once, rather then just accumulate the play money over and over again – I’ve waited long enough!

Its probable, though not yet fixed in stone, that I’ll make my deposit on full tilt, but I’ve heard a lot of mentions of other “online casinos” recently so I may be persuaded to try one of them out instead, either way I’ve got a week to get my game face on and to get ready as much as I can…. yeah I know, its only the micro limits, but everyone has to start somewhere and I want this (re-) start to be a positive one 🙂

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Most Suck-Outs Ever?

I’ve just got off another (play) limit cash game, and got sucked out with rags so many times, I’m actually a little shocked I managed to leave with any money at all.

Here’s a little selection of my starting hands, all lost big time to rags which hit a set or full house, etc on the turn or river, often when I’ve hit trips, including trip aces!

AQ – x2

All my other hands I either folded (nearly all) or was allowed to limp in or check the blind with a suited connector (67s, 89s), if I missed the flop I’d then fold without much of a loss, but the above hands cost me virtually all my buy-in.

My 3rd AQ finally holds up tripling my money, but by now I’m so far behind that I’ve only just recovered my buy-in amount, another few hands with only rags appearing and I leave with the same amount that I bought in with, first time I haven’t made a loss or a profit.

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