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Prospector Limit Reached?

Perhaps I should have been aware of this already, but I’ve just unexpectedly found out I can’t import anymore hand histories into my (trial of) Poker Prospector, apparently until you purchase the key / licence you are limited to import only up to 1,000 hands.

Can’t afford to purchase the licence key and deposit some money in to my poker account at the same time, so looks like I’m going to have to knock up a spreadsheet to record future results in, at least until I purchase the key or get a more permanent solution.

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Play Limit Wins >$5,000

Another win, and for the first time since I’ve begun using poker prospector my net win amount passes the $5,000 dollar mark, very pleased, so pleased in fact, I’ve included a screen shot of my play money bankroll graphed out with poker prospector.Yeah I know, only play money, but its all in preparation for something special, you’ll see.

PS: The two “large” spikes within the added box are both from PL wins, all the rest, highs and lows are all from 10/20 limit ring games.


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Reading The Board

A very simple thing it is to read the board in a hold’em game, but I’m shamed to admit that I have overlooked it for far too long. Its only since reading a couple of pages on it in Lee Jones book Winning Low Limit Hold’em that it has jolted into active memory.

Its something I’m working on at the moment, that is to always make an effort to read and re-read the board throughout the hand, and it has made a marked improvement.

Still, I do occasionally slip up, by expecting to win a pot with aces, when I’ve raised and re-raised, not seeing the possibility that someone is still in the hand with 4-7 off suite to then catch his straight, when will I learn :p

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Grind it out?

I’m thinking it might be time to find some more stable games to sit at, grind it out a little. Sure its great to win a huge pot from a total donkey who stayed in with nothing but hope, but certainly on full tables, getting out drawn over and over, because no-one likes to fold is a tad demoralizing. No wonder the micro limits are known as “no-fold’em hold’em” games.

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First Ever Quads!

Now I could be wrong, but I think I’m right in saying I’ve just hit my first ever 4-of-a-kind, quad sixes.

It was another 10/20 limit game, and it was 3 handed, I was in middle position, and was allowed to limp in with suited crap like 64 spades, now hitting two sixes on the flop was very lucky, and its highly likely I now have the best hand, even though I’m cautious of my very weak kicker.

I bet out and re-raise a raise to increase the size of the pot, the turn causes one to fold, so I’m heads-up, with even more chance of my hand being the winner…. and then out of the mystical realm of the deck comes another 6! I couldn’t resist shouting out (good job it wasn’t a live game) and pummel him for all he can give…. its times like these when I miss playing no-limit :p

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