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Good Play Works

Just had a really rough game (10/20 limit, as usual), I get a few of these now and then, but this one was particularly bad, didn’t get much offerings in the way of cards, best I had was AQ off suite, and that didn’t hold up.

Kept seeing raises after raises from people with nothing, and then miraculously as I have come to expect online they always hit something on 4th or 5th street, but me no such luck, took a tiny pot with one hand, everything else was a loss, even had to add-on a few times just to stop myself from having to go all in.

Despite all the cold cards and raising chaos around me I managed to hold on to some resemblance of “starting card standards”, and with patience (a whole heap load) it paid off, and I got my profit increase.

It goes to show that good play does indeed pay off in the end, though sometimes that end can seem a very long time coming, I just need to keep reminding myself of that.

However, I am in agreement with Mike Caro on his point about loosening up just a little when faced with hoards of loose players, if you miss the flop and get out, you’ve hopefully only lost one bet, but by being just a little less-strict then usual you increase your chances of hitting something unexpected.

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