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Astounding NL Victory!

Just finished a quick home NL (3 handed) home game, and I achieved a somewhat miraculous victory, just a shame we decided to not play for cash until more people turned up…. hopefully we’ll get to that later.

Was probably the luckiest game I’ve had (4 full house’s maybe?), certainly for a very long time, despite that I have no doubt I played very well, and took advantage of several mistakes from my opponents.

The first knock-out was very lucky for me, my opponent let me limp in with suited connectors and allowed me to stay in when he flopped a set, I (makes a change) managed to hit my queen high straight on the river, and was in a great position. Then to my surprise my opponent (we are now heads up) goes all in, folding comes to mind, but thankfully I then take a step back and think… think some more, then I realize I’ve got the nuts, there were nothing higher then a straight possible on the board, and after thinking a little more I realized that the best he could do would tie with me, as he couldn’t beat my queen high straight, so I call, realizing he went all in, from a dominated position with a set! Sorry mate but going all-in, with only a set so late on was a big mistake, especially when your so dominated – should have made your push on the flop, I would have folded for sure LOL

So our shorthanded game became heads-up, first hand I limped in with pocket 3’s, and with a 2d and a pair of 9’s on the board, mistakenly assume I have a full house and push my opponent all-in, he calls, I realize my mistake, but he doesn’t improve, I hit the full house on the river LOL, and take the win 🙂

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Venue Change

Realized a problem with my plan to deposit some money onto my fulltitlpoker account for the limit tables last night. That being that the limit tables on fulltitlpoker only go down as far as $0.25/0.50, so following some simple bankroll management, either on a standard rule of 300 big bets, I’ll need a minimum of $150 to play at those limits, as I can’t afford to deposit that amount I am forced to make a change of venue.

I’ve been told that Poker Stars as limit games in lower stakes, and after checking it out for myself have found some games as low as $0.02/0.04, so its likely my next deposit will be credited to Poker Stars instead.

I’m trying to stick to either 150 or 300 big bets for the limit I plan to sit down at, so that even if I hit a really bad run of cards, I’ll still be able to play without having to re-deposit.

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