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Long Weekend

My deposit to Poker Stars will be made early next week, not long to wait, but it is definitely going to feel like a very long weekend, I’m itching to get started and take a run at it (again).

With what I’ve learned about the micro-limit games, and limit hold’em itself coupled with my now far greater experience I should have a reasonable chance of making a small profit. How long it will last is another matter, but my starting bankroll should be sufficient to get me through a rough patch as long as the cards don’t stay cold for too long.

The hope is to step up pretty quickly from the $0.02/$0.04 tables I’ll be starting out on, as it will take far too long too earn worthwhile money at these levels, especially if I can’t get to grips with managing several different games at the same time, which I haven’t achieved successful up to this point.

I’m going to avoid the temptation to rush up the limits though, even though I believe the next limit up to be only $0.05/$0.10, instead I’m going to take my time to make sure I am winning consistently in the “long run”, especially considering I will be playing at an unfamiliar venue.

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No Greater Contrast…

Well, just finished the second game of tonight (NL Hold’em) and they could be no greater contrast between this in the previous game.

Started of on a less then smooth note by the new player(X) arguing and moaning about the rules, I can understand some confusion as a lot of things have changed, since I have actually found out how to run a “proper” Hold’em tournament (thanks go out to ) but trying to debate the rules to this extent rather then just get on with the game was a little OTT in my opinion, especially considering the rules in question (you can’t check to the blinds, etc).

Anyway, moans and groans aside, the game was a little too passive, well boring, yes even for a pocker nut like me. There was very little action, even when it was clear someone was ahead, all call’s and check’s. I would have loved to stir up the game and get a bit aggressive, but I simply did not have the cards, a fair way into the game with no knockouts and it was time for me to mix things up a bit with a couple of “large” raises, not wise considering the cards I held, but the game needed some action by this point.

… fast forward … a few blind levels, one player gets knocked out after a semi-forced all-in with rags who doesn’t improve, I’m next to go with an all-in on K9 suited, yes crazy I know, but was kinda worth it just to stave of the boredom which seemed deep within both myself and the player who’d just been eliminated.

So we had a heads-up situation with the two remaing players, both where roughly equal in chip stacks at this point. Player(X) picked up rather more pots then he should have simply by sensing his opponents weakness when he held nothing, I picked up on this so strongly that I asked him if he wanted to leave the room so I could make him aware of a couple of large tells, which certainly told me, if not player(X) he held nothing but rags.

Finally after several more hands, and a blind increase the remaining player to my left got the message, either through my repeated mentions openly of “when heads up you need to be more aggressive” and “when heads up, if you have nothing, chances are your opponent doesn’t either” or through improvements in his hole cards, he stepped up and made a few raises, and stayed in the hand a little more rather then folding his blind almost immediately.

It didn’t take long, and not too many wins for player X’s look of confidence to fade, a few calls to raises 1/4 size of his chip stack with nothing more then a high card soon made his stack disappear too, and not soon after he went all in to a trip jacks…. and that was that.

Not a game I enjoyed, more for how others played then my bad run of cards, but it did make a change from playing even worse players on line for play money, add my excellent “friendly” victory earlier and it hasn’t been too bad a night.

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