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The Fun Continues

I do not believe what I’ve just experienced on Poker Stars, I held only a pair of aces, with one on the flop besides JT of mixed suits, 4 or 5 callers, 3 stay in besides myself to the river, anyone with a set, two pair or QK would have beaten me easily.

The player to my left keeps re-raising, but for some reason I believe my aces to be good, I do put at least one player on QK, giving him an ace high straight come the river, but now its only an additional 20 to call and the pot is at 570, I can’t fold even with just top pair.

The showdown and the frequent raiser holds a pair of tens, and the other caller holds nothing, merely a queen high! what on earth where they thinking, I held top pair and I was scared of this board.

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