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A Few Mistakes

Here’s a few mistakes I’ve noticed in my recent games:

  • Overplaying AK (suited or otherwise) when shorthanded
  • Folding to a couple of raises, where I would have won if I stayed in, and the pot-odds where probably in my favor.
  • Being too loose at the start of the game, so that I’m forced to work to recoup early losses rather then work to increase my profits

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A Failed Attempt at Multi-Tabling

Suffered a failed attempt at multi-tabling earlier, only with two tables, but I still couldn’t manage it, maybe it was the cards, maybe my cold, maybe I couldn’t concentrate on two tables at once, either way I would have made more profit if I set my bankroll on fire!

After winning a pot which almost gave me back by buy-in for one table, I left, allowing me to concentrate on the one remaining table, giving me maximum chance at recouping my losses and maybe returning a small profit.

Well I made a small comeback, but by the time I had to leave the table I still hadn’t recouped my losses. So I left with a small loss, I’m still ahead though, but only just.

The problem is that I’m playing too loss, easy to say but its been hard to stay tight, I think I’ve pressured myself into increasing my bankroll so I’m rushing and taking far more chances then I should, which is actually putting my bankroll, or certainly my short term winnings at risk.

It was probably not the fact that I was multi-tabling that gave me my first loss, but the fact that I was playing too loss, so multi-tabling multiplied my losses, though as I’ve said I’m finding it hard to stay tight at these limits right now, so I’m switching my game plan from multi-tables to faster paced tables, and to try and get my discipline with “real money” up to the standards it was on the “play money” tables.

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Profit > $2

Yippee my first mile stone, I’ve earned over $2 in profit. I’m only playing short games as I feel up to it at the moment, generally thirty minutes max, and I think that’s having an effect on my stats, not staying long enough to accumulate any wins into sizable amounts, and in some games at least I’ve played too loose. Whilst I’m ill though, I’m not too fussed about how the stats look or how small my winnings are, as long as I’m leaving in profit I’m happy.

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Couldn’t Resist

I’m terrible I know, couldn’t resist “one more game”, earned another tiny profit though, this time 64c, and I’ve realized something too.

Whether its feeling pressured because I’ve been waiting so long to get back to playing with “real money” or because the limits are tiny (even for micro limit games) I’ve been a bit reckless, not too reckless though, just called a few times when I should have folded, knowing I was beat. I found it hard to not thirst for action, as each pot was so tiny… but after loosing more bets then I should have more then once, I’ve realized its pointless trying to rush the game, you only end up rushing to earn back what you lost when you played too loose, as I’ve just done. So the next time I hit the table I should be a little more composed and be in a better position to leave with a bit more profit.

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Couldn’t Wait…

The title says it all, I couldn’t wait, I simply just had to sit down and have a little game. It worked out good though, despite having a cold, I walked away with 23c in profit, not much, and under normal circumstances I would have hung around to try and turn that into a couple of dollars profit, but its late / early, I’m tired and full of cold, so I took my tiny profit and left the table ahead.

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Poker Stars Deposit

Well it is done, just made my first deposit on Poker Stars as planned for $50.

Been waiting for ages so usually I’ll dive right in and have a game, but I’ve been run down with a cold / flu for the last few days, so playing with “real money” for the first time in ages at this point probably isn’t a good idea, so I’ll try and wait… I don’t expect to be able to hold the urge to play for long though lol.

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