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Small Wins, Larger Losess

The 15 (real money) games I’ve played on Poker Stars so far have fallen into two categories, small wins or (relatively) large losses. Thankfully I’ve only lost money of 3 occasions, so my balance hasn’t been affected all that much, but I’m still worried about these losses, especially has it has been taking me 3 or more games to recoup each loss.

I believe these results can be explained by two weaknesses on my part:

  1. Not wanting to leave a game at a loss. I tend to keep playing, sometimes in a bad game, but usually just not at my best, to try and break even or earn a small profit before I leave.
  2. Not wanting to risk my bankroll, or even my current in-game profits, so I am leaving good games far too soon, only to join a tougher or less profitable game later on.

I’m sure I’ll get over both of them when my bankroll starts to increase, allowing me to play with a cushion of previous profits, but the games will be much more enjoyable and probably profitable if I can find a way to get beyond them sooner.

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First Freeroll

Just got busted out of my first ever freeroll tournament. It was held on Poker Stars and there where 2076 competitors, largest field I’ve ever played against. The price pool was $100, with $18 being awarded for first place, 396 places would be paid.

Not knowing much about freerolls (other then the fact that they are free :p) I did a quick Google and read an interesting strategy, and thought I’ll give it a try, this is why I got booted out so early, but that was kinda the point of the strategy, so you could say it worked. The idea was to raise all in when you had a great hand, so I waited folded a few times and on my 3rd or 4Th hand I pick up QQ and push all-in, I get one caller who also goes all in, he holds AK against my queens and hits his ace on the turn or river, busting me out and taking the chip lead at our table.

You could argue the strategy failed, but its aimed at minimizing your time at the table and at the same time giving you the best chance of finishing in the money, by forcing you to either get a huge lead early or bust out to join another freeroll before you’ve committed several hours into a game with nothing to show for it.

This strategy does appeal to me, but next time I think I’ll enter with a large raise with QQ instead of the all-in push, giving me more options should they not hold up.

Was fun though, despite only lasting 5 or 6 hands, and I got to just over 1800 places so you could tell others had the same idea I had.

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Ok, so I didn’t even last a day, but I’ve got a new weapon up my sleeve, notes.

Actually it ain’t all that new, I usually take notes, but this time I’m paying more attention to it, and certainly in my last game (+ 35c) it payed off and I’m certain that in the longer games it will help to stave of my impatience and boredom, which has probably been my downfall lately.

I’m making notes on the following from each of my opponents, well trying to, when the actions fast it can be hard keeping up :

  • Who raises pre-flop and with what
  • Who re-raises pre-flop and with what
  • Who call’s with 2 or more raises in front of them and with what
  • Who always / mostly enters with a raise
  • Who seldom raises
  • Who seldom checks / calls

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A Rocky Start

I think I’ve had what could be termed a rocky start so far. Was in profit from my first game, and remained so for the following four games, then I hit a relatively large loss, thankfully absorbed by my previous profit which was then followed by an inconsequential win. Next however came another relatively large loss, putting me bellow my deposit amount for the first time.

Both losses where a big blow, especially the latter, where I wasn’t trying out multi-tabling. However after a nice, albeit small win I have recomposed myself a little and are starting to think that a break from play, even just a day (probably all I could bare) would do me some good. It will give me time to analyze how I’ve played in more detail and to look for areas of improvement, time also to get back to Lee Jone’s book ‘Winning Low Limit Hold’em’, which as been on the shelf for the past week, then with any luck / skill I’ll be able to return to the tables in a more focused and disciplined frame of mind and begin to start increasing my bankroll once again. Hopefully my cold will be out of my system by then too.

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Inner Voice

Too many times tonight / this morning have I lost more bets then I should have because I didn’t listen to my inner voice.

Time after time, I would hear a voice in my head telling me what at least one of my opponents would have, especially short handed, but before I have chance to acknowledge the information, my hand has already acted for me and made the click.

Its usually this opponent that then goes on to win, taking those extra bets that I knew I should never have made. So in an effort to decrease such losses I am going to try and exercise a tip I was given from the Home Poker Tourney forums, by simply removing my hand from the mouse after each action, even if it only saves me one bet a week, they all add up :p

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