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Ok, so I didn’t even last a day, but I’ve got a new weapon up my sleeve, notes.

Actually it ain’t all that new, I usually take notes, but this time I’m paying more attention to it, and certainly in my last game (+ 35c) it payed off and I’m certain that in the longer games it will help to stave of my impatience and boredom, which has probably been my downfall lately.

I’m making notes on the following from each of my opponents, well trying to, when the actions fast it can be hard keeping up :

  • Who raises pre-flop and with what
  • Who re-raises pre-flop and with what
  • Who call’s with 2 or more raises in front of them and with what
  • Who always / mostly enters with a raise
  • Who seldom raises
  • Who seldom checks / calls

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