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Done Me Good…

My short break from poker must have done me good, I’m feeling far better about my game now, and I think my confidence has increased a little for the first time on Poker Stars. Just finished my 4th game of the day,  and I’ve scored profit with each, and none of the games where particularly hard. I’ve just come off the worst, where I scored the lowest profit, but that was mainly due to a middle set cracking to a top set of kings, otherwise it went well.

I’m getting the hang of the note taking now, and it makes a real difference. After several hands I will have in front of me a list of what my opponents have gone to showdown with and what hands they have raised pre-flop with, which helps me with my decision making at the table.

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I was tilted pretty bad in the early hours of yesterday morning, so took a short break from the games to try and de-stress a little. Just got off my first game since with a nice quick profit, but I’m still behind by a couple of dollars. I’m just not feeling very confident at the moment, as I’ve said before I probably won’t be until I’m back ahead of my deposit amount.

Taken the time to do a little work on a database to help manage my bankroll and poker expenses, as I’m not happy with any of the spreadsheet offerings I have come across so far and my temporary solution is very inadequate. Having a few problems with it at the moment but hopefully it will be fully functional soon.

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