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As I’ve begun taking notes on my online opponents I’ve found that I can sometimes end up focused more on writing down who won the last hand and who raised with what etc, rather then actually concentrating on the game, so to try and tilt my concentration back away from my keyboard I’ve come up with a simple idea.

The idea is to have a pre-setup script stored in a text file, and just before you sit down you select all the text or the portion your interested in and then once you’ve sat down you can then click onto the notes section of each of your opponents at your table and simple paste in the script. The script will be set out in such a manner that you only have to enter the hands you see on the appropriate line, etc.

Here’s an example:
showdown :

pre-flop raise :

called a pre-flop raise with :

called a pre-flop re-raise with :

An even faster method to speed up your note taking would be to use a series of codes or shorthand, but I haven’t come up with a code or shorthand system yet, so this will do for now.

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Bad Luck and My Mistake

If Bad Luck ever showed in a game of poker it would be the one I’ve just left, the highest hand I held was AT off suite, the only pair I had was a pair of 4’s, all my other hands where connectors, or 2 and 3 gapped connectors both suited and non-suited.

I think its the worse run of cards I’ve ever had!

I was pretty disciplined at first, but after over an hour of this trash I let my guard down and began to play (gamble) with some rags I shouldn’t have just to try and hit the flop, even if I did it didn’t help and I was on a downward spiral. It wasn’t all down to bad luck though, my mistake was hanging around where I wasn’t getting decent cards for so long, I just kept thinking to myself I can win it all back when the good cards came, but they never did.

Perhaps a greater mistake was playing beyond I had reached my stop-loss mark, I set before I left the game, even though I believed the game to still be good, It would have been wise to leave at that point if not before.

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