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Bad Luck and My Mistake

If Bad Luck ever showed in a game of poker it would be the one I’ve just left, the highest hand I held was AT off suite, the only pair I had was a pair of 4’s, all my other hands where connectors, or 2 and 3 gapped connectors both suited and non-suited.

I think its the worse run of cards I’ve ever had!

I was pretty disciplined at first, but after over an hour of this trash I let my guard down and began to play (gamble) with some rags I shouldn’t have just to try and hit the flop, even if I did it didn’t help and I was on a downward spiral. It wasn’t all down to bad luck though, my mistake was hanging around where I wasn’t getting decent cards for so long, I just kept thinking to myself I can win it all back when the good cards came, but they never did.

Perhaps a greater mistake was playing beyond I had reached my stop-loss mark, I set before I left the game, even though I believed the game to still be good, It would have been wise to leave at that point if not before.


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