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Blew It

Stupid bitch! was hungry for another victory to put me back in the black, but it didn’t work out. My 3rd game was the toughest yet, and the chip lead swung all over the place, I think I played reasonably well though, my downfall was probably loosing a bit of confidence and not being as aggressive pre-flop.

I then tried to recover that loss from another heads-up. That didn’t work out either, and now I’m 80c further behind then when I won the first one lol, not good. I think I lost the last one at least in a large part to being too tired, and lacking concentration… the previous loss probably effected me also, so going straight back at it was a bad idea.

Now that I know I can beat these things, I’m going to concentrate on these tomorrow, and hopefully get in enough wins to bring me ahead of my deposit amount… that will be so good.

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2nd Heads-Up Win

If you haven’t guessed by the title I did decide to do another, the chance of reducing my bankroll deficit so quick and by a relatively large amount was irresistible.

Thankfully it paid off and I won. This one was over a little quicker then the last, but I have to admit I nearly lost it to my opponent pretty early on. Thankfully I realized however that he was better (against me anyway) after the flop, so I put as much pressure on pre-flop as possible, I went from nearly always raising pre-flop to raising every hand pre-flop and that seemed to work for awhile.

The next move was to throttle down if I missed the flop and generally call or check is action in case he had something. When I was sure I was in the lead or sensed my opponent was on a bluff I put the hammer down.

After gaining a nice margin of error on the cheap lead and having some flops that landed in my favor a few times, I think my opponent was tilted, as they started to be a bit reckless.

The final hand was my full house jacks over sixes which cracked my opponents flopped pair of tens.

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My 1st Headsup Tourney

Just won my first heads-up tournament online, very pleased. At the start I wasn’t totally confident but I knew I’d have a chance, although it was a bit of a battle at times, my opponent managed to re-take the chip lead from me once, but thankfully I soon got it back.

The final hand came down to me putting him all-in with A2s, he held AK, I was dominated but caught a deuce on the turn and without improvement on the river it was all over.

It was only a $2 buy-in, so after the fee I only scored $1.80 in profit but it was badly needed. I’m tempted to buy-in for another, but I don’t want to loose what I’ve just won, haven’t decided yet. As soon as I’m back above my deposit amount I think I’ll hit these heads-up tournaments regularly, as I think I’m a bit of a shorthanded specialist actually, although I do tend to throw it away occasionally.

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Freeroll Sadness

Just got busted out in my finest freeroll tournament so far, I managed to reach 1,787th place out of a field of 10,000 which is the closest I’ve come to the bubble in a freeroll. Advancement to the second round was awarded for the top 27 finishers.

So upset to be out. I called an all-in bet from someone a little higher then me in chips, although I had over $21k at this point. I flopped a pair of queens against his jack, which paired on the flop also… but he river’ed a flush and busted me… I can’t moan too much though, as I’ve had the other side of the luck on the river a few times in this tournament, but I’m still really disappointed to be railed, would have loved to have gotten down to less then 1,000.

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Nice Cards :-)

Whilst waiting for a freeroll tournament to start, thought I’ll sit down at a cash game for a few hands and try and pick up a bit of profit to off-set my deficit and I ran into a bit of luck.

After a couple of hands, I found KK in the hole, and went in with a raise, and got one aggressive caller to re-raise me, I re-raised him back and found another king waiting for me on the flop – Lovely. The very next hand and I find AA and go in aggressive (a limit game), the same player sticks with me, no set from the flop this time but my pair did the job on its own and netted me a nice profit.

Think thats the first time I’ve ever found KK and then AA immediately afterwards.

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