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My 1st Headsup Tourney

Just won my first heads-up tournament online, very pleased. At the start I wasn’t totally confident but I knew I’d have a chance, although it was a bit of a battle at times, my opponent managed to re-take the chip lead from me once, but thankfully I soon got it back.

The final hand came down to me putting him all-in with A2s, he held AK, I was dominated but caught a deuce on the turn and without improvement on the river it was all over.

It was only a $2 buy-in, so after the fee I only scored $1.80 in profit but it was badly needed. I’m tempted to buy-in for another, but I don’t want to loose what I’ve just won, haven’t decided yet. As soon as I’m back above my deposit amount I think I’ll hit these heads-up tournaments regularly, as I think I’m a bit of a shorthanded specialist actually, although I do tend to throw it away occasionally.

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