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A Battle

I’ve just got off another heads-up tournament on Poker Stars and it was my toughest yet by far, not through excellent play on my opponents part or poor play on my part, but down to hugely crappy flops for me. Within the first 3 hands my opponent got the NUTS twice! countless full houses followed, I was beginning to loose all hope and even opened up my blog to write about how lucky he was… but I kept my cool, didn’t go on tilt and I always kept as much pressure on has I could, even when I was down to only a little over 300 chips.

My hardwork paid off as I took the lead and eventually the win, but it was a huge battle for me. This is the first heads-up tournament where I’ve been the short stack almost all the way until the end.

I’ve played ten of these and won seven of them and it as improved my post-flop game when heads up to a visible amount. This game as added to my confidence about being able to play the short stack too, as I’m not often in that situation for very long, ether I’m the chip leader generally or I go short and get knocked out early so I don’t get much opportunity for practice in this area.

I am also now pleased to say after this win I am now back ahead of my original buy-in amount on Poker Stars, it is a very good day! Think I’ll call it a night tonight now, and not push my luck by playing anymore tonight, not heads-up tourney’s anyway, they take a lot out of me, but you know what I’m like so I might hit the tables once or twice, I just still want to be ahead come tomorrow.

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I told you I don’t like to finish on a loss. After a break and a pizza I was recomposed and went back for another heads-up game, taking 1st place in twenty minutes.

I’m pleased to have got a win back so I’m not even, but I would be feeling amazing if I hadn’t have blown those two earlier games.

I will be Looking forward to getting into a routine of these heads-up tournaments.

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