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I told you I don’t like to finish on a loss. After a break and a pizza I was recomposed and went back for another heads-up game, taking 1st place in twenty minutes.

I’m pleased to have got a win back so I’m not even, but I would be feeling amazing if I hadn’t have blown those two earlier games.

I will be Looking forward to getting into a routine of these heads-up tournaments.


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  1. Hi

    Wow, you play a lot!

    For me, I found that my poker improved when I just concentrated on playing one type of poker at a time. My poker “career” started by playing SNG’s and that’s all I played and I became a winning player. When I decided to convert to cash games, I stopped playing SNG’s because the strategies needed to win are so different.


    Comment by doublemeup | October 15, 2007 | Reply

  2. Couldn’t sleep so had two more sessions after that. One great win, followed by a dreadful loss. For the last I broke rule No. 1 and watched the chat window. My opponent seemed friendly enough and just wanted to chat, at 6am it threw my focus and I lost… I’ll never break that rule again.

    I actually prefer NL tournaments, but online they just don’t seem to be my thing. Haven’t had much of a good run at the cash circuit yet either. I did expect most of my return to come from the cash game play but it hasn’t worked out like that so the sit-n-go’s are really just to supplement that and the freerolls are almost just a bit of fun.

    Since I’ve deposited on Poker Stars though my focus has been entirely on fixed limit, only NL I’ve played so far has been the freerolls, which have been a nice change from the limit I’m playing most days.

    Comment by luckystraights | October 15, 2007 | Reply

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