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NL Sit-N-Go Victory

Excellent news to report, I have just won my very first NL Hold’em tournament on Poker Stars, and I am very very pleased. When it got shorthanded the game was actually really fun, me and one of my opponents kept chatting to each other a little whilst we battled it out and I enjoyed it, far less stressing then some of my previous games.

After awhile my opponent took out the short stack, and we where heads-up, I was at a bit of a disadvantage having a few thousand less then my opponent but I kept up the pressure and managed not to blow it. Eventually I was put to a decision and moved all-in with QQ, and it didn’t hold up my stack was decimated by A6. Thankfully though just before I had taken the chip lead slightly so I still had a few chips, and after some key flops fell my way I still had a chance.

Just in time some good cards came my way too, good for heads-up anyway, like KQs, etc and I took down a few large pots and stole some blinds now and then. Eventually I managed to take the lead and keep it, I kept piling on the pressure until eventually it was me who was doing the pushing. The first time he survived his all-in, only just though, his kicker was slightly higher then mine, I think I had K2 and he survived with K3, but the next pot was mine, giving me my first ever 1st place since I started these Sit-N-Go’s and I am very pleased I couldn’t resist one more game before bed :p

Yesterday I got down to $8+ behind though, so I’m still not ahead with the $4.50 prize money, but thanks to several 2nd and 3rd place tournament cashes today I’m only 49c behind which I can live with.

Time for some rest and recuperation now, and I’ll hit the tournaments again tomorrow, hopefully that will be the start of my bankroll growth 🙂

Love and hugs xxx

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