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Race To Bonus

I’ve started to consider whether or not I will be able to earn my bonus from Poker Stars, which will give me an extra $50 to my bankroll. The problem is that unlike Full Tilt Poker, Poker Stars pay the full amount at once, which as the downside of me requiring to earn the full requirement of FPP (frequent player points) before the deadline is up.

Its something I am going to work towards, because as long as I’m playing to win a particular tournament instead of just to gain a single FPP I should only have positives, and the $50 extra is certainly a nice incentive to put the effort in.

After a quick calculation I’ve realized that I only need to earn 3 FPP’s per day starting tomorrow, which is easily achievable, of course that includes Christmas Day and assumes I will be playing everyday.

Remaining FPP’s required = 470

Current FPP’s Total = 30

Deadline = April 2008

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