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NL Victory

Just had another great game on the $1 + 20c NL tables. There was nothing unusual at first but around the 5 handed stage, we had one lunatic who went all-in hand after hand on blatant steels for around four or five consecutive hands, he had even lost the chip lead through this behaviour a few hands ago, and still did the same thing. Thankfully someone called him and put themselves at risk, they called with a hand I wouldn’t QJs I think, but they won out and got rid of the lunatic for us.

The game got back to normal for awhile then. I just tried to keep focused and played my some good poker, it paid off as eventual I made it past the bubble, with the clear chip leader holding around $4k ahead of me and a very vulnerable short stack who only held around $1k maybe even less.

The worse thing was as soon as I held a good hand, from pocket 9’s all the way up to pocket q’s, the chip leader would go all-in, and (chatted about it to him, afterwards) there is no way I’m risking 2nd place price money by going all-in with even pocket queens.

Eventually though the short stack is forced in and it becomes heads-up, by this point me and the chip leader have been chatting a little now and then, and after a few rounds of me almost taking the lead from him, I jokingly tell him I’m a bit of a heads-up specialist, I replies saying that he’s “noticed I’ve changed it up a bit”.

We battle at it for awhile, with me soon taking the lead, but I blow it hopelessly not long into by calling the wrong all-in, If I recall correctly he scored an ace on the turn giving him the lead again with a massive margin of comfort.

As you may be accustomed to by now though, I kept pushing back at him and eventually came even… a few hands down the line I had the lead again. A few more large pots come my way and my opponent goes all-in, this pot would give him a great chance at a come back, so I’m a bit worried, but call anyway sensing my pocket 9’s are good, he holds pocket 7’s and neither of us improve so I take the win.

This victory has come at a perfect time as I was feeling a bit down about my lack of aggression in earlier games today, (even posted about it on HPT), but I managed to pull myself out of it and this win will no doubt boost my confidence a little more.

This win coupled with a couple 3rd place finishes earlier as moved me beyond a couple of bad runs where I finished 4th twice and even 5th once yesterday and as now put me a little over $2 ahead of my deposit amount.

This is what I’ve been waiting for, now I can play and without worrying about falling behind again if I don’t make the money. With any luck I’ll make some more cashes tomorrow and start to increase my bankroll so I can think about buying into some large buy-in tournaments.


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