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Not My A-Game

You hear lots of “poker people” talk about their A Game, well it wasn’t mine today, I’ve played really crap all day, only made two cashes out of 7 games, both of them where pretty good with a 2nd and then a 1st place cash, but the rest was totally appalling.

I make notes on each game, and have noted I’m distracted, I don’t really know by what, I just haven’t been playing right, and don’t feel my usual self in the games, maybe its because I gave myself a target to earn 6 FPP’s today, maybe?

Right now I’ll be really happy to get my B or even C game back. Going to try and dig out a video or something to bring my spirits back and then hit the tables again, besides today and even then excluding the two wins, I’ve been playing well, not amazing all the time, but nearly always coming 2nd or 3rd, which although not as good as coming 1st, still builds my bankroll little by little.

Oh heck, its no big deal I suppose, just not happy with myself and my game today, but as the saying goes “its all one big session” what I’ve lost by crap play today, I’ll earn back plus extra next time I play, no worries on that score now.

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