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Biggest Win So Far…

I’ve just come first in a home poker tournament winning my biggest poker earnings from a single tournament so far, £20 from a £3 buy-in.

The crazy thing is I went in the intention to just watch and maybe deal for everyone but got too excited as people started to take their seats so I bought in, and I’m very glad I did.

There where a few irregularities, but nothing to major so it was actually a really good tournament, and I surprised myself by how much I was enjoying it. I tried to make sure some key rules where upheld, and in the most part they where, though a couple of people kept removing there cards or chips from the table and there where a few attempts to make incorrect bets. The only real nightmare was that almost everyone was acting out of turn, especially when they wanted to fold.

I amassed a nice lead, winning my first 3 hand, but after awhile with the chip lead, I started to loose concentration so lost the lead, I regained my composure though and kept playing solidly, gradually building my stack and knocking people out until it became heads-up.

After a few bouts heads-up, I landed AJo and hit top pair with the jack on the flop, I raised my opponent all-in and he called, the turn paired is 7, but my jacks held up giving me the win.

I look forward to the next game they host, besides a few issues with the blinds and the almost constant acting out of turn it was a pretty well run game, certainly compared to some games I have witnessed.

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Just placed 4th in my second eighteen player NL tournament, I’m more then a little disappointed I had my heart set on winning my first two of these, and expected to make 3rd at least, still at least I cashed.

Final hand came down to me seeing a flop with KTs, it was raised pre-flop, but we where heads-up and my opponent raises pre-flop almost every hand so the raise didn’t show anything here. The flop gave me a blank, but I couldn’t put my opponent on a hand, instead I figure him for a steel so I raise him, he calls and I hit my king on the turn, I check, he bets out with a large bet, and I raise all-in, he shows J8o, he made two pair on the flop, I didn’t improve and was sent to the rail in 4th.

I feel I was a little unlucky here, running into this particular player when he flopped two pair, he could have easily gone to show-down with only queen high, having witnessed it several times, and when the king came I thought I was in a good position against his Jx being the highest hand I put him on after seeing the flop. In hindsight as he had me well covered simply calling him down might have been the better play, instead of trying to raise him off his hand on the flop.

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