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Poker Tools

Heres a few tools that I am hoping to road test over the next week, neither of them I have used before, but it should be pretty easy to integrate them into my poker habits.

The tools are :

1. Sit-N-Go Power Tools, suggested to me by doublemeup, Which seems to help you focus on winning the most real money possible rather then the most tournament chips in Sit-N-Go’s. I think I employ pretty good strategies in this area already so it will be interesting to see if or how I change once I’ve used this.

2. Poker Hand, a web based system to upload, store and represent your hand histories. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to utilize this with Poker Stars, failing that I’ll give it a try on a FTP play money table just to get used to it, it may prove useful at some point.

3. Finally, I am going to give Poker Search a try, it is a dedicated poker related search engine. I don’t search the web for poker related information anymore so it will be interesting if Poker Search will bring up something useful.

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Lucky Game

I’ve just taken 1st in another 9 person sit-n-go and I have no doubt this has been my luckiest poker game yet.

I joked jestingly in chat that someone rivered me twice, and then I do the same thing, beat someone on the river twice, each time I hit my set on the river. I even managed to crack aces.

When I got my head in the game instead of fiddling with bits and pieces on my desktop I did make some good reads, and if by skill, luck or mystical force when I sensed someone was weak, they often where, giving me a commanding chip lead as we became 3 handed. My opponents battled it out and me and the survivor became heads-up, where my pair came on top of a busted flush draw giving me the win and another bit of profit for my bankroll.

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