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A Good Day

I’ve had a good session today, and have reached $64.05, the highest profit I’ve managed to keep hold of so far. I feel that only playing when I’m not distracted or too emotional, etc has really helped me keep hold of any gains from previous sessions, allowing me to keep building as opposed to having to rebuild my bankroll all of the time.

The Session Roundup :

  • x1 1st place finish
  • x2 2nd place finishes
  • x1 3rd place finish
  • x2 losses

Today’s total profit = $6.90

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Worlds Easiest Heads-Up Match!

I have just completed the worlds easiest heads-up match ever and I am supremely confident in that fact. Here’s why, my opponent never bet, not once, he never even saw one flop. He was sitting out the entire time lol !

When it came 3 handed, the guy just under me in chips sits-out and says he’ll be right back, fine I think, less chance of the short stack doubling up, but after I knock out the short stack he is still sitting out. I start clicking those call buttons faster then ever, reducing is stack by as much as possible before he comes back, a little wicked, but what am I supposed to do wait out my time bank until he returns, I think not.

After he drops below the $1,000 mark I know its my tournament, but keep calling the blinds anyway, every single time he just folds, and eventually I have all is chips without ever having to see the flop, it was great. No risk, no bad beats, just all the chips I could get being slid over to me, every single hand 🙂

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