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A Sick Session

I’ve just had a really sick session, lost all 3 games and finished 6th in each. The first game I miss every flop and go out quick when my pre-flop all-in has the short stack gets called, the second game someone rivers a flush and decimates my stack, I make an exact read on my opponent and have to abandon half my stack on the turn, leaving me in bad shape and eventually I’m on the rail. The 3rd game, I flop two pair, and play it very aggressively, the board is looking very dangerous by the turn so I go all-in, my single opponent makes the call for a 1/3 or more of his stack and hits a King on the river, knocking me out with his king high straight.

Oh and I nearly forgot holding JTs, I limp in middle position and hit an open ended straight draw, its 3 handed with a big raise in front (5xBB), the other guy folds, the pots only 300, but I need 100 to make the call, so I fold believing this to be the right thing to do, when along comes the king which would have made my nut straight, the other two didn’t even have a flush draw, they both only held queens by the river.

It hasn’t been a good session, partly brought on by myself breaking my new rules perhaps. I’m playing with pretty bad neck pain and whilst bored and in between being asleep and awake, but despite that I made good reads on my opponents and I believe made all the right moves, they just didn’t hold up tonight. I’m going to chalk it up to variance and a reminder to only play when I’m at my best and call it a day for tonight.

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