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The 4th Game

A few hours later, I couldn’t resist another bash at the tables, and despite a rocky start are soon in the running for the money. A few bad flops though and I’m in worse shape, but I feel a bit of luck may have come my way when I see a free flop in the big blind holding 53 off suite and the flop comes 553 rainbow, not messing about I’m very aggressive and get one caller, there where no draws out there so I should have put him on a set with the case 5, but it was late, I was tired (and annoyed) by this point. Anyway the board pairs on the river with a 3, he shows 54 and its a split pot. I know this hand could have finished me off, if that initial 3 was a 4, but what the fuck, the only lucky break I get the entire night, and its ripped out of my hands (in part at least) on the river!

This session cost me $4.80, which I’m not happy about in the least, but in each game there was little I could have done, it just seemed like it wasn’t my night, the board was against me. Despair I shall not though, I’m still in profit by almost $9 and as quick as this loss was to come I know that a profit will come just as quick next time at the tables.

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