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A Rut

I feel like I’m stuck in a rut with my game at the moment. The really irritating thing is that my play although not on pair with my best has been pretty good.

I have just increased my recent loosing streak, not cashing in my second game of the evening, the first one I could see my mistake, I read my opponent as weak, he was with only ace high, but he didn’t back down to my all-in raise, he called, and my QK didn’t improve, it was reckless to try such a move against such an opponent.

The second game however, was even worse. I play tight initially, tighter then usual in fact to make sure I’m not tilted from the previous loss and hit AJ, I’m in late position so raise 4xBB, I get a couple of callers, I miss the flop so when its checked to me I check, two people stay in with me to the river, checking all the way where I hit my jack, the other guy folds and my single opponent bets, I put him on a jack raise. He calls showing down Qx, he made top pair on the flop and checked it down, I couldn’t believe he did something so stupid and was annoyed that he won some of my chips in doing so.

A few good reads forcing me to abandon pots and a few worse flops, sees my stack slump to dangerous levels, where I get a bit of luck, from the BB I hit two pair with a free flop, I’m not much above 5 big blinds at this point so I push all-in, the same villain from earlier who slow played his queens shows down with a flopped straight, I don’t improve and I’m on the rail again.

This session as been a real pain so I’m going to have a break and recompose myself. I’m down to just under 4 buy-ins ahead of my deposit amount now after these two loosing sessions so I’m determined to pull it back tonight.

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