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Today’s Session

Its been another bumpy session today although much better then yesterday, the highlight early on was 3rd in an 18 player Sit-N-Go, I should have come second at least, but I made a bad call against an opponent who was going all-in almost constantly, and if I’m honest with myself I tilted, got angry and did something stupid just to stand up to the jerk.

Things got worse later, Sat down at another 18 player Sit-N-Go and was out in 17th, same reckless behavior I’ve seen all day both on the Sit-N-Go’s and on the freeroll’s and I couldn’t take it, just threw all my money away, it was totally stupid. Sat down at another and didn’t do much better, I was really annoyed with myself because I ruined my record of cashing in every 18 player tournament I’ve sat down at before these losses coming 1st, 4th and 2nd.

I was determined to finish on a high though, and controlled my emotions, despite loosing some big pots pretty early, mostly down to leading into a pot pre-flop with hands like QQ or AJ, and then having to drop them to a vilains all-in on the flop, but bit by bit and with a bit of luck on my side at a few key rivers I rebuilt and managed to finish 2nd.

I still haven’t reached my bankroll’s high point yet, but I’m well on my way to passing it, and its comforting to know that buy using some basic bankroll management I can loose game after game, after game and still be ahead of my deposit amount and then come back and increase my bankroll yet further.

The switch from cash games to Sit-N-Go tournaments in the micro limits has proved successful to this point, and I’m looking forward to building my bankroll enough so I can move up to the $5 Sit-N-Go’s for the first time.

I’ve also been thinking about giving PL Sit-N-Go’s a try as I am really sick of facing an almost constant barrage of all-in’s from my weaker crazier opponents both early and late on in the tournaments. I haven’t found a structure I’m happy with on Poker Stars yet though, all the PL Sit-N-Go’s seem to be 45 player based or are classed as turbo. I’m not sure what the difference is between regular and turbo Sit-N-Go’s but so far it has been enough to put me off.

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  1. The barrage of all-in’s from your weaker crazier opponents are common at the micro-levels. Don’t look to switching to PL; the all-in’s from your opponents are to your benefit. Each time it happens you move closer to the money. Just play a tighter game and avoid calling all in’s unless you have a premium hand. Once you build your bankroll large enough to move up to the $5 level, the all-in’s will reduce some. They reduce even more at the $10. Just play tight and wait patiently for the crazys to knock themselves out. You will be rewarded for your patience!

    I’d also recommend moving to single table sit ‘n go’s. The varience is much lower than the multitable tournaments and you will find that you cash more often on the single tables.

    Comment by | November 1, 2007 | Reply

  2. The trouble is I’m virtually always faced with an all-in either pre-flop or on the flop when I have what I suspect is the winner, such as AK, AQ, QQ, JJ, etc, and its infuriating to have to drop such hands to save my tournament because some idiot is likely to get lucky and hit two pair with 73o, like someone did yesterday against my AJ (he wasn’t all-in, but did call my 4xBB pre-flop raise).

    I ran a few 2 table sit-n-go’s because I had some success with them and liked the format, but my main focus remains the single tables for the reason you pointed out.

    I am looking forward to moving up in limits. I have no doubt I’ll win more often against people who actually know how to play, I’ve found I often have an edge against people who know what they are doing, but against people who don’t have a clue and are constantly gambling or going all-in pre-flop I don’t get the benefit and it reduces the game to a lotto, which gets me so angry I’ll sometimes go on tilt, something I need to fight, so now and then being around crazy play can be of benefit, but seeing such reckless, game-destroying play game after game is enough to put me off online poker, certainly at these limits.

    Moving up will be a huge relief for my sanity, and hopefully my bankroll.

    Comment by luckystraights | November 1, 2007 | Reply

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