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Unlucky Straights

Today has been a little fucked up for me, played 3 Sit-N-Go’s and lost everyone because my opponent hit a straight.

In the last game, where I was railed in 5th I played well, but the usual game of re-building all the short stacks over and over had begun and soon I was on the bottom of the stack pile with a little under ten big blinds, as they reached 75/150.

On the final hand I look down at 98s in the BB, another short stack, with maybe 11 or 12 big blinds makes a standard raise, I needed to make a stand and if he had a high pocket pair a hand like 98s gave me the best chance of beating him so I jam all-in, hoping he will fold.

My opponent calls with pocket jacks, the board gives me two pair, and for a moment I think I made a straight and then I realize as the chips slide over to my opponent, no it made him a straight, 789TJ.

Variance… I know, I know, but to loose every game to a single opponent who goes on to make a straight is well fucking sick :p

EDIT : In hindsight I would likely have had more luck getting a middle stack to fold rather then a fellow short stack

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Just had a rather unpleasant beating in my first Sit-N-Go of the day. Its down to 6 handed and I’m in late position and limp in with QJ. I make top pair, and bet a little under the pot, I get one caller, I put him on a jack, but still think my kickers good. The turn brings a queen, I bet out a little more, trying to keep him in with his jack and he re-raises, I think for moment decided the queen couldn’t have gave him a set and re-raise all-in, he quickly calls and shows a straight, 8 to Q, beating my top two pair.

Not long before an all-in player hits a straight to beat my pocket aces, maybe I should change my name to un-lucky straights 😦

It hasn’t been a good day for me poker wise so far. Maybe I should have took some time to think about why he would be re-raising me when the queen hit on the turn.

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After an emotional NL cash game, I didn’t expect to be playing at my best in any Sit-N-Go soon so decided to have a try at Razz on the play money tables on FTP.

loads of people would sit down with only 1000, which is a little daft in a 100/200 game with a 20 ante in my opinion.

It took me a while to get the hang of it and lost half my buy-in in the process, but soon had it doubled, although it was easy to loose plenty of it again.

I was a little supprised with how much action there was, out of the entire table I think only one player could actually play razz, she seemed pretty consistent and new when to make a move and such, most of the other oposition came, busted and dissapered within only a few hands.

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Why Do I Play?

In response to my previous post, I had some thought and reminded myself why I play poker.

I don’t play for the fun of it, or because I’m bored, or because I get pleasure out of getting lucky, I play to build my bankroll, I play for money, I play to improve my game and most of all I play because I intend to be one of the worlds best and succeed in the WSOP, this is more then a game for me!

So after giving myself the 3rd degree, I realized why I’ve been lacking consistency and not making much progress. I had forgotten why I’m doing all this, and had become complacent, not staying as sharp as I have been and made some stupid plays, trying to justify them within the situation.

I’m going to try and keep this in mind when I feel my play starts to wonder from where it should.

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Lack of Consistency

I’ve been suffering from a lack of consistency lately in my play, which is evidence by my bankroll graphs, showing some rather serious ups and downs.

Lately I’ve just been making lots of stupid mistakes costing me tournaments and counteracting any previous wins where I played well. I keep trying to shake myself out of it, but it hasn’t happened yet. I’m loosing my cool quickly at the tables too,  which is probably the main factor leading me into making so many silly and avoidable mistakes. I’m starting to feel rather pissed off about it, but I have only myself to blame, I really need to be able to remain composed and keep up some consistency, which I managed so well early on when I switched to the sit-n-go’s.

Despite only playing one game so far, I might not sit another unless I perk up a bit later, I’m not desperate for FPP’s to reach my bonus yet, so sitting in a tournament where I don’t feel I’m able to play my best isn’t going to do me any good at all.

I’ll probably sit in another 1c/2c NL cash game later though to try and make a little profit for the day.

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Thats Better

Just left a 1c/2c NL cash game on Poker Stars with a nice little profit, to reduce my earlier losses. Made $1.54 in only 24 hands, I could have sat a little longer, but I still don’t feel comfortable in the cash games, I’d hate to see my profits disappear so only played for a few orbits.

Think I played well and took down a couple of nice pots. A couple of hands before the blinds reached me when I was going to leave I find pocket aces, and am excited about taking down another nice pot before I leave, I make a standard raise and everyone folds, ah well, a small win is better then a big loss 🙂

I’ve reduced my ring games net loss from when I was playing limit cash games to only -$1.85, which is nice. I’m looking forward to getting this in the black so my Sit-N-Go profits aren’t reduced to cover those early losses.

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Crap Day

Well its been a crap day today, lost 3 games in a row, so calling it a do, although I’m planning on sitting in on a cash game later. The good news is that all 3 games where totally different and each gave me something to think about, and reminded me of some weaknesses.

The first game never gave me action for my strong hands which reminded me I need to bluff now and again, which is something I hardly ever do online, but do pretty well live. The 2nd game reminded me that if someone is calling you all the way to showdown, they sometimes do have a hand, even if the do make a habit of doing it with nothing.

Finally my last game showed a weakness in my game when I have a maniac on my table. My normal strategy is to be patient and to not tangle with them and then when the cards come stack them, if the cards don’t come though as they didn’t in this game I’m left short stacked and am under even more pressure not to make a move. In this instance Mr Lunatic raised virtually every pot regardless of what he held, I should have played back at him and re-raised with some speculative hands, rather then just let him dominate the table whilst I fold to his constant raising.

I don’t feel I have played well at all today, but not too badly either, in two games out of the three I was beaten by pocket aces and the other by a set. At least I picked up some much needed points and bumped into some situations to get me thinking.

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Just finished my second and final game of the day with a very poor finish. Scored a 2nd place cash relatively quickly in my first game, though I should have won the thing really.

Opted for another 18 player event for my last game, but made terrible play early, I thought the river had been dealt and I call an all-in with top pair, but that was only the turn another flush card comes on the turn to improve my opponents pocket kings to a flush. I settle in after that and regain my stack, but after a few blind increases I’m short stacked again so push with AQs, everyone folds, next hand I find AJ and push again as I still only have 11 BB’s, I get called by A6s who hits a 6 on the flop to beat me, damit!

Despite feeling good about getting my bankroll up to near $80 I’m struggling to keep my head focused for more then one game per day, this sucks, need to give myself a good kick up the bum to get back on track.

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Falling Behind

Havn’t had time for a single tournament today, been out most of the day and I’m too tired to focus on a game now, so I’ve missed out on a days much needed frequent player points.

After only earning one point yesterday and none today I am going to start falling behind in my bonus race if I don’t get back into my 4 a day routine, which is a situation I don’t want to be stuck in, I’ve worked too hard to keep on track to be forced to end up playing more and more games per day just to reach the deadline.

Hopefully I’ll have a productive day tomorrow, both in points and profit.

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18 Player Win

Its been a very slow day today, only just finished my first game of the day. This one was almost two hours though, another 18 player Sit-N-Go, and I’m very pleased to announce I took 1st place 🙂 good job too, to be honest my mind was starting to wander.

I was short stacked on the final table, having to abandon a large pot just before the tables got merged, but I waited patiently and managed to steel a few pots, which I believe I can credit to my tight table image, other times I had high pocket pairs or other strong hands that held up, doubling me up at key times. Around 5 handed I had taken the chip lead and played it safe to ensure I made the money.

Once the bubble burst all stacks where very close, so I had to be careful, but I think I played the right balance, tried to see some flops with hands I would normally drop that had strong potential and stayed out of trouble when I had to, it paid off, I managed to take a few key pots to keep me in the lead and down to 3rd handed.

Once heads-up I soon held a commanding chip lead, but each time I tried to get my opponent all-in, he evaded me, the one time I did manage it, he doubled up and our stacks soon became almost equal. I kept the pressure on though and soon developed an increasing lead, my opponent then started to routinely push all-in when in the BB to steel the blinds, it didn’t phase me too much as I usually stool them back on the next hand, but I didn’t want this to continue so when had a sufficient enough lead I called with jack high, bad timing on my part he showed KTs, luckily for me a jack arrived on the turn to give me the win.

My bankroll has taken a nice increase in profit from this, and after a relatively early morning I’m feeling a bit tired so I might end today’s session on a positive note with just the one game, though I do have to get back into a 4 game routine soon to ensure I make my bonus.

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