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Costly Free Cards

I’ve just suffered the mistake of taking the free cards when I missed the flop. I was holding two over cards (KQ) and was low on chips, but ahead of my two opponents in the hand who where very low on chips.

I missed the flop, but it was checked around so I took the free card, the turn was also checked around which also missed me so I checked and hit my queen on the river, the player in front of me goes all-in, for most of my stack, but I need to take down a pot to stay in at this point and judge that my queen’s with the king kicker is likely to beat any queen he may be holding, he shows down with Q4 off suite, the queen gave him two pair after hitting is 4 on the turn and my stack is decimated.

I’m pretty sure I was right to call is all-in, in this spot, but I’m also pretty sure my mistake was to accept the free cards when I was drawing with only two over cards, I should have bet either on the flop or the turn, to see if my opponents had hit anything, as chances are unless they had Ax which would beat my king high anyway, they would fold if they didn’t hit anything. By opting for the free cards I couldn’t get out of the hand when I made top pair great kicker and lost a huge part of my stack.

Any thoughts on this…?


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