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High Point

Finally I’ve ended my run of 2nd place finishes and had a great heads-up game giving me the win which has now taken me back up to my bankrolls highest point. Its still not great, just under $14 profit, but this is the highest profit levels my bankroll as reached before and it has taken quite a few games to get it back after decimating it after a couple of horrific sessions.

I’m pleased to be back to this point, but now I must work even harder to keep pushing my bankroll in the right direction. My short term aim is to get up to $75 where I’m going to sit in a $5 buy-in Sit-N-Go, by bankroll management standards this is a mistake, but after playing so many $1 Sit-N-Go’s I think I deserve a game at a slightly higher limit and as a nice bonus it will also earn me 3 FPP’s instead of the usual 1 on the $1 Sit-N-Go’s. Whether I win, cash or loose I’m still not hanging around on the $5 limits, I’ll be back down at the $1 Sit-N-Go’s, until my bankroll is much closer to the 30 buy-in amount of $150.

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