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I thought I met a new highpoint for my bankroll just a moment ago, reaching $65+ but it wasn’t to be, almost though, there was an error on my spreadsheet, where a loss was not calculated so I’m actually at $64+ which ain’t bad, just under $10 behind my first target.

I’ve been bubbled twice in the last two days, and suffered a crappy 6th place finish too, so I really thirsted for this 1st place victory I’ve just earned. It was a real grind though, ridiculously so come 3rd handed, the other players where swapping chips quite readily, usually this is down to dumb play, but in this case my other two opponents where just unlucky, the 4th guy kept hitting trips and sets, and he always slow played them, he hit at least 8 in no more then 15 hands (maybe less), I ran into him a few times, but mostly seemed to sense when he had something and got off lightly.

On one occasion though my thirst for revenge landed me in a bad spot, with a trips possible on the board, and the turn brings full house potential, I bet out, knowing that this is what he would do if he had it, my dumb luck that he does have it and takes down a huge pot. I was really hoping to trap him in his own trap, but I never got the opportunity.

I was steaming quite a bit after watching him take down pot after pot, by hitting is countless trips, and I even had to sit out a hand or two now and then just to calm down. Eventually though one of the other 2 busted him, and it became 3 handed.

I breathed a sigh of relief and it wasn’t long before the chip lead was mine, only a few more hands and I sent the now short stack to the rail, so we became heads-up. I think my opponent started to crack at this point as the game went on for well over an hour, I was in a good spot though and eventually put him all-in with AQ, I hit my queen and his KTs didn’t improve giving me the win and a rest.

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