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Well, after getting sick of having to constantly re-build my Excel spreadsheets to accommodate my game history and bankroll information I have finally invested in the full version of Poker Prospector from Poker Academy.

I’m keen to get back into using it, as this time the bankroll graphs will have some real value now that they’ll be tracking my progress on the real money tables. However my impatience with getting started on Poker Stars as caused me to run into my first problem.

Out of nearly 110 Sit-N-Go’s, plus over 30 cash games, I only have around 20 Sit-N-Go’s imported into Poker Prospector. This is due to the fact that, I have only very recently found out that you can actually download hand histories with Poker Stars, up until recently I never new it was possible (dumb I know), so now I have the software to record and graph my bankroll as well as all the data of my wins and losses in spreadsheet form, but no way (known to me, yet) to get my actual bankroll plotted out in Prospector, because of my oversight with the hand histories.

I’ve also now joined the Poker Academy forum so hopefully they’ll be an easy solution or work around already posted on there that I can use so I can start posting graphs of my progress.


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Full Circle

I’ve just finished the last of today’s Sit-N-Go’s and I feel like all I’ve achieved is return to where I started off this morning, my bankroll is about the same, although by the math I’m ahead a little, it doesn’t feel like it. Still I’ve earned another 5 FPP’s towards my total which now stands at 107.

My last game I played really well, but seemed to lose it towards the end, around 4 handed, otherwise I lead the way taking the chip lead on my first hand with a great read on my opponent and I didn’t loose the lead until 3 players where eliminated.

My heads up game was a disaster, I played several hands weakly, waiting for the perfect moment to take all of my opponents chips, and then I get it, pocket aces in the small blind, I do like I’ve done before and just call, hoping for her to come over the top so I can re-raise her, she doesn’t, the board as a slim chance of a straight draw but otherwise looks positive, I raise, she re-raises, I go all-in, she shows a flopped set of 9’s, I could have cried lol. It wasn’t all bad though if she didn’t hit her set I would have took down a huge pot and got the win almost immediately afterwards, I was well aware of the risk I was taking slow playing my aces and it just didn’t pay off this time, 2nd place money was my conciliation.

Despite only coming 2nd, its been a nice game, and a nice ending to some real crappy experiences earlier, where my two pair got screwed when the board paired twice on the river giving my opponent a hefty chunk of my stack on each occasion.

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