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Full Circle

I’ve just finished the last of today’s Sit-N-Go’s and I feel like all I’ve achieved is return to where I started off this morning, my bankroll is about the same, although by the math I’m ahead a little, it doesn’t feel like it. Still I’ve earned another 5 FPP’s towards my total which now stands at 107.

My last game I played really well, but seemed to lose it towards the end, around 4 handed, otherwise I lead the way taking the chip lead on my first hand with a great read on my opponent and I didn’t loose the lead until 3 players where eliminated.

My heads up game was a disaster, I played several hands weakly, waiting for the perfect moment to take all of my opponents chips, and then I get it, pocket aces in the small blind, I do like I’ve done before and just call, hoping for her to come over the top so I can re-raise her, she doesn’t, the board as a slim chance of a straight draw but otherwise looks positive, I raise, she re-raises, I go all-in, she shows a flopped set of 9’s, I could have cried lol. It wasn’t all bad though if she didn’t hit her set I would have took down a huge pot and got the win almost immediately afterwards, I was well aware of the risk I was taking slow playing my aces and it just didn’t pay off this time, 2nd place money was my conciliation.

Despite only coming 2nd, its been a nice game, and a nice ending to some real crappy experiences earlier, where my two pair got screwed when the board paired twice on the river giving my opponent a hefty chunk of my stack on each occasion.


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