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Excellent Support

The support people have just got back to me about my request to see if they could send me all of my game histories, which they have done, I half expected them not to be able to offer me data on all my previous sessions so I am very pleased.

They provided me with a link and a username and password to there server from which I downloaded a zip file of what I asked for. The zip file contained one file with what looks to be all the hand histories for every session, including both Sit-N-Go’s and cash games.

I think what I’ll do is go through the file and try and parse each different game into a separate file to make it more use to Poker Prospector. So with a bit of patience I should have an accurate graphical representation of my bankrolls profit and losses since I deposited on Poker Stars.

Many thanks to the support team at Poker Stars for all there help xxx

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Well, I lost, got bubbled and came out in 4th. Really really gutted about it too, didn’t play too badly, but again I think I threw it all away short handed, my shorthanded and even heads-up play has really taken a nose dive recently, and I need to give myself a good hard kick to turn it around!

Anyways, thought I’ll post my first pic of my bankroll with Poker Prospector, its doesn’t show the full picture, because its only graphing the last twenty Sit-N-Go’s as I don’t have the others to import (hopefully I’ll get those soon), and the graph doesn’t include the initial deposit (only shows profit I think) so its off by about $60, but it does show the profit / loss over the last few days.

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I’m 3/4’s of my way through today’s session having just completed my 3rd game of the day. I have been consistently doing a minimum of 3 Sit-N-Go’s per day for a while now, but yesterday decided to up my daily minimum to 4 to help make my bonus race easier.

Anyways, I wanted to post an update in case I don’t cash in my next game because I have just reached my bankroll’s highest point, it now stands at $66.45, which is an increase of $15.41 from my initial deposit. Not much I know, but its the closest I’ve come to achieving my first milestone of $75, so I’m very pleased.

I’ve been playing and cashing pretty consistently recently, so hopefully I won’t see any negative swings to slow me down.

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