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Made a bit of a comeback with a 1st place finish on my 4th Sit-N-Go, leaving me only 30c behind the previous days session rather then $4.80 behind if I would have not cashed at all.

I’ve achieved my daily minimum of 4 now, but still have plenty of time before 4am ET, when my poker session formally ends for the day so I might hit the tables again to try and gain another cash to recover fully from the earlier losses ready for a fresh start tomorrow.

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A Crappy Session

Just finished my 3rd game of the day, railed in 5th, to coincide with two previous bubble finishes, this is turning into a really crappy session. I made some questionable calls in this game, although they where based on the players history throughout the game. I also ran into my share of bad luck with premium hands, such as having to lay down, KK, QQ, AT, AQ, etc.

Here”s two key hands from the last game :

My second pair of kings and I was determined to win a pot with them, thankfully no ace came on the flop so I could play them fast. My opponent making his set on the turn was nice, makes a change for me to be the one with the higher set 🙂

This is where it all went wrong. At the time I was sure my opponent was on a straight draw ???

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Poker’s Dumbest Fold

I’ve just finished 4th again, and heres the reason why, I made pokers dumbest fold. This is one of the moments where I need to go destroy something.

I need to stop playing like a (explicit deleted) IDIOT !

I put him on AK on the flop, which is why I folded, but I invested so much into the pot I think I really should have called on the river, maybe even re-raised all-in. I’m totally steaming over this now!

After a cooling shower, I think the previous game influenced my decision here,  where I put my opponent on AQ on the flop, I held KQ and we both paired out queens, but on the river I called anyway, I guess I didn’t want to make the same mistake.

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My Bankroll

Here’s a graph of my bankroll over the last 30 days :


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Supported :-)

I’m feeling very supported at the moment. I’ve been struggling to get data on my Poker Stars sessions for my sessions before I started to download the data locally, so that I could import them into Poker Prospector, so that Poker Prospector will get an accurate picture of my games history and my bankroll balance and would just like to say that the support teams at Poker Stars and Poker Academy (makers of Poker Prospector) have been extremely helpful and I couldn’t have got it done without there help.

Poker Stars has been kind enough to send me whatever data I asked for, as far back as my very first game over a month a go, and have done so in numerous formats, when one wasn’t suitable. The support at Poker Academy has then patiently and efficiently guided me through various options to import this data into Poker Prospector so that the software will have an accurate picture of my game histories and bankroll fluctuations before I started to download the data locally.

Now that all that is done, I can start to post graphs of my bankroll, something I’ve been wanting to do since I first gave Prospector a trial run on the play money tables back on Full Tilt.

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Just hit my highest poker hand to date, quad kings! This hand guaranteed me 2nd place money by busting one of my opponents 3 handed, but I’m embarrassed to admit it that it also  cost me the tournament. I got as giddy has a school girl and threw away my chip lead on the first hand dealt heads-up, I battled back and came level once or twice, but eventually, my opponents countless pairs hitting just above my own, and his huge chip lead proved too much and I was railed in 2nd.

Here’s the hand that caused it all :

Its been clear over the last week that my discipline as suffered lately and its costing me money, either by steaming due to idiots going all-in all the time against me, or because of being too emotional at the table like tonight, something I’m going to focus on.

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