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Had a good run earlier with two back to back 1st place finishes, and was incredibly close to breaking the $80 mark, but my last game of the day didn’t come through for me, was totally card dead, only good hand I had all session was AKs, and I lost to a short stack who held T6, pairing is 6 on the turn! I was railed in 5th, when my middle pair ran into trip kings. I think I played well in this game, picked my spots and took down a few pots, I just didn’t have the cards, and as the blinds reached 50/100 my stack was getting very low. Only mistake was not pushing with my last hand pre-flop, I still would have got called I’m sure, but I would have felt better that I did all I could do.

Anyways the session hasn’t been too bad, a bad call cost me an early 5th place finish, two 1st place wins followed that, and I’ve just finished the day with another 5th place, two wins out of 4 games isn’t too bad considering the 1st place profit, if my 1st place finishes where only 2nd or 3rd place cashes the two losses would feel all the more painful.

My bankroll now is $76+ and I’m more then a little disappointed I didn’t make it to $80 tonight, but there’s always another game, and if I play as well tomorrow as I believe I have done today, I’m sure I’ll be well on my way to $90+ by the end of the day.

I’ve also decided to hold of taking a shot at a $5 Sit-N-Go, $170, which is what I need by bankroll management standards to play in the $5 Sit-N-Go’s still seems like a very long way off, but I’ve decided to not risk a relatively large amount of my bankroll on even a single game just yet, its not worth it, I might take a shot when I reach $100, but I’m un-decided yet.


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