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Marathon Session

I’ve just finished a marathon session, finishing in a marathon shorthanded battle in my last Sit-N-Go of the day.

My losses continued throughout the day, and I began steaming, throwing my chips at any idiot who raised or re-raised all-in more then 3 times in close succession, most occasions I was way ahead, but an all occasions I got beat either on the turn or river, I wasn’t happy.

I wasn’t playing too bad before that point, just kept running into people with lady luck on there side, but a run of losses tends to put me in a foul mood, and from that point may play will have gone down hill some what. I was determined to pull myself out of the hole I’ve dug for myself though, at least a little, and have just done so. It was another stressing game, with over 8 all-in’s under the first ten minutes, but I just surfed the web whilst the idiots pushed at each other.

As soon as it got to 4 handed, there was a huge battle on, and chips where flying all other the place. I was playing well now, but was short stacked until it became 3 handed, and then the chip lead swung between the three of us for forty hands or so, before I finally eliminated one of my opponents, bring us to heads-up.

I had come back a long way, but was still behind the chip leader who lead out heads-up, but after paying close attention to him during the 4 and 3 handed stages I was pretty up on his ranges and what he’s likely to do in certain spots, it paid off giving me the win, when I cold his bluff, after a missed straight on the river for virtually all the chips in play. He remained with only $60 and was railed on the next hand.

Its definitely not be a good session by any stretch of the imagination, but it isn’t been terrible either, not after this final win anyway. I make notes during every single game I play, so its easy to see which ones I played badly in, lost to a bad call, or simply got unlucky, I definitely didn’t play my best in two or three, but lady luck finished me off in most of the other games of today.

The day has put me behind from yesterday by between $4 and $5, but on the upside I have earned 9 FPP’s, which reduces the pressure on my bonus race a little.


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