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Suffering Continued

Well my suffering as continued in several more games at the start of the day. Similar story in each. I’ve finally forced myself to have a break from play, after around 16 hours of almost constant play with nothing to show for it. I’ve taken a shower, done a few chores and will not return to the tables for another hour at least.

I hypothesize that the realities behind this string of losses is around two key weaknesses I have in my game.

1. When I see continued stupid play rewarded time after time, or see countless opponents go all-in almost constantly with anything, and then beat my AK or QQ when I make the call, because this one time they held aces, it does affect me and as I’ve done in the past, I need to take a break from the tables, even if its just ten minutes to recompose myself before I start another game.

There in lies a “sub-problem”, poker is all I have, if I’m not playing poker, I’m a little lost, so just keep on playing. I guess I need to invest in some poker DVD’s that way when I’m steaming or too stressed to continue my session I can at least watch and admire some of my favorite pro’s do there stuff :p

2. After two or more games of the above, or in some cases just one game of the above, I loose my nerve, always expect to be sucked out on, and I don’t play my usual game and take down pots until I have premium hands, this has lead me to become short stacked too often, which isn’t usually a problem for me, but coupled with a negative attitude and I’m screwed. Added to this problem that throughout most of today’s and last nights sessions I have been astonishingly card dead, I am just not taking down enough pots to survive.

As I said, I’m taking a short break, going to watch a movie, and then sit in another game, if I don’t win, even if I come second, I’ll do something else for an hour or so, I don’t need the FPP’s today, as I’ve already earned 15 since last night… oh thats my other problem, playing too often.

PS: On the upside, every time I have got into the money in the last 4 days I have taken 1st place.


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