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Feeling Stuck

I’m feeling stuck at the moment, I’m not getting cards, and the few I do get don’t hold up and I’m left with only around $1k in chips as the blinds reach half way between 50/100, and my bankroll is dwindling fast!

I’ve played twenty games in the last 3 days, each has been the same, I’m not sure what I did before I reached this point, but I’m feeling real stuck with my game at the moment. Only two days ago I surpassed the $80 bench mark, now I’m barley above $65!

I think my confidence has took a huge beating over this period which has likely affected me also, I keep trying to launch a come back and play logically, but don’t even make the money anymore.

I used to love sitting down at the tables, and always had a confidence of at least cashing, lately I feel more scared, scared to see my profit disappear after yet another game of getting no cards and being blinded out as all I’m getting is 3 gapped off suit cards on a table full of calling stations.

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Something New!

Only including real money sessions on Poker Stars I have played almost 150 Sit-N-Go’s and nearly 40 ring games, plus a bunch of freerolls, so I don’t expect to witness something I haven’t seen before, though in this game I got to witness just that.

What play was this you ask… well an opponent went all-in on every hand, yeah I know, you’ve heard it before, but this was different, in the entire game he only ever didn’t go all-in twice, each time he was the BB and just checked, he even won one on one of those occasions. He won, either through sheer luck or miraculously having the better hand against everyone who stood up against him, and he knocked out most of the competition taking us all the way down to 4 handed without anyone else really doing anything.

I’ve seen players who start off like this before, so folded everything, not wanting to risk my tournament on luck alone and increase his chances of winning on sheer luck either, until I found pocket kings of course. My kings held up and another player took down another pot, doubling up through him and his stack began to dwindle, but his all-in’s didn’t stop. This is the difference between crazy players like him that I’ve scene before, they usually go all-in and bust out early or build a huge stack and try and coast into the money, this guy wanted everything and he wanted it now!

Thankfully, the antics that built is stack also destroyed it and he was soon on the rail, and we where in the money. I played well up to this point and continued to do so, eventually knocking out the 3rd place finisher leaving it heads-up. The heads-up match was tedious to say the least, I managed to steel plenty of blinds, but due to getting heads-up so fast, the blinds didn’t really amount to much at this point.

Then I arrive at my moment, I make a straight on the turn, and one I didn’t believe she would put me on, so when she bets out again, I re-raise her, expecting to take down a nice pot… then, I notice my straight card is a flush card and fear the worst, I’m committed and she shows a king high flush, with the ace of diamonds on the river, and it was all over, besides the few hundred I had scattered around my crying avatar, Ah well.

Here’s some hands :

The very first hand the maniac goes all-in, and whats worse I’ve just realized I would have made a full house!

Maniac takes down two opponents with a lucky flop

Maniac looses big, going all-in with QT against pocket kings

Heres my big moment, pocket kings against lunatic, I actually took my time to think about this, as he could easily have any ace, so I really did not want to see an ace on the flop in this case

Here’s the hand where hopes of a victory disapeared, I would have had to take a degree to work out how to screw this heads-up hand up any better!

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Post Pending…

Got things to write, but don’t have time / motivation yet, so just posting here to hold the space open – like to keep things in chronological order.


The last couple of days have been really stressing for me, but I’ve started to get a grip of myself and with a bit of luck in the right spots I’ll soon start re-building my bankroll again, I’m keen to hit that $80 mark again.

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