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Feeling Stuck

I’m feeling stuck at the moment, I’m not getting cards, and the few I do get don’t hold up and I’m left with only around $1k in chips as the blinds reach half way between 50/100, and my bankroll is dwindling fast!

I’ve played twenty games in the last 3 days, each has been the same, I’m not sure what I did before I reached this point, but I’m feeling real stuck with my game at the moment. Only two days ago I surpassed the $80 bench mark, now I’m barley above $65!

I think my confidence has took a huge beating over this period which has likely affected me also, I keep trying to launch a come back and play logically, but don’t even make the money anymore.

I used to love sitting down at the tables, and always had a confidence of at least cashing, lately I feel more scared, scared to see my profit disappear after yet another game of getting no cards and being blinded out as all I’m getting is 3 gapped off suit cards on a table full of calling stations.


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