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A Glimmer of Hope

Just come 2nd in a Sit-N-Go on Poker Stars, I’m hoping this is the turning point, my I still feel shell socked when I play. I’ve been aware that I can become a bit two passive when the game hits 5 or 4 handed, but I’m probably playing even more so now.

I blew it heads-up again, this used to be my specialty, but it hasn’t felt like that for a long time. Sooner or later I will take some time out to step up my heads-up game, because whatever I’m doing at the moment isn’t working for me.

I think I played well, considering how low my confidence has dropped with my game at the moment at least and managed to overcome running into some testing situations too.

This situation comes up a lot, I bet out to test the waters, and I get called all the way, usually I have the best hand as in this case, but often someone with AQ in this situation will simply call all the way to showdown. I think I played this with the correct balance between caution in case my opponent held a weak queen and wasn’t sure if he had the best hand and also putting getting money into the pot, because I’d seen the same opponent call down with bottom pair on a similar board earlier.

This was a more risky situation for me I think, as I was up against two callers, but at most I credited either one of them with a very weak king, so was drawing live with my ace…

Another second pair situation

Possibly a questionable call, but it felt right at the time, on the flop I put him on Ax or a couple of over cards so took a shot and it paid off.

A nice pot with AK, at the time the most I could give him credit for was a flush draw, he’d seen me take down lots of pots through raises on the flop, maybe he thought I was steeling…

Opponent gets lucky and turns his flopped set into a full house on the turn, beating my own set with a better kicker, I realized I was beat though and got out.

Yet another stupid play to throw it all away heads-up by me.


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