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A V.Good Day

I’ve Just finished my last game of the day with my second 1st place cash. I got lucky at a few crucial moments both in this game and the one before, but think I did everything I could to earn the win on each occasion and it just paid off for me this time around.

I’ve stepped my game up since my huge downswing and adjusted a fair amount, starting to do things differently. I am now far more likely to go all-in and put pressure on my opponents and I’ve been playing more aggressive in the blinds. I picked up a tip earlier which as helped me with my all-in decisions, that being if you are under 20 big blinds you are considered a short stack, before I only considered an all-in If I had the nuts or was bellow 10 big blinds, now I’ve improved that portion of my game a lot.

The picture bellow now shows my bankroll looking much more healthy 🙂


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Well, I’ve managed to make a small u-turn in my plummeting profits, after ending yesterdays session with a small profit, and I’m looking to build on that today to turn it around.

Had one game this morning, finished 3rd, which is a dam sight better then 4th, but I’m disappointed with myself, I should have won this one, a loose aggressive type for the short stack got lucky flopping a set against my slightly higher pair and doubled up, and I was too eager to bust him and made a bad call later on costing me the lead. Having to lay down a flopped set on a tricky board to an all-in raise on the river didn’t help either.

I haven’t improved my game in a while, so whilst I’m re-building my losses I’m also working on developing my skills, specifically getting practice with suited connectors as I seldom play them and working on playing AQ differently then I have done in the past.

Here’s a recent graph of my bankroll, you can clearly see the huge nose dive that I’ve just gone through, but I’m hopeful to get back up to my highpoint within the next few days.


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