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Not Happy!

I’ve just finished my final game of the day in 5th, after being sucked out on by a total clown!

That loss added to my earlier 3 games which ended even as put me behind one buy-in for the day which I am not happy about. It could be worse though, but it hasn’t been a great day for me, each time I start off with the best of it, I kept running into really difficult situations, mostly ending in my opponents getting lucky against me and taking down large enough pots to reduce my cash finishes to 3rd place winnings.

Here’s the final hand, I don’t think I could have gotten away from this, I had so much invested in the hand that folding would have been a bad move, I just got unlucky on the river. After going over the hand history it stings even more, if it wasn’t an online jerk, I would have folded to his raise on the turn when the queen hit, giving him credit for AQ or KQ maybe, but there was no way I was giving him credit for a queen here and it cost me my tournament 😦

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