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Not enjoying myself lately, I’m getting really stressed with online poker at the moment, had a few really awful sessions, I played well I feel in each but each time I found a hand which was a rarity anyway I ran into really tricky situations and usually ended up being the worse off.

I’ve started to just fall back into an “I hate online poker” mood, and its hurting my game, I’m not playing best because I’m too wrapped up in how crap it is which annoys me even more. I think If I’m ever going to make it has a pro poker player it is going to be in live games, the few I have played I’ve had great fun taking part and have often won or finished high at least, despite that I havn’t played in a live tournament at a casino yet, despite having 3 casinos close by, maybe its time I gave it a try.

I did have a really good heads-up battle with a friend yesterday though, which has been my poker highlight of the week. We played with deep stacks of $5,000 for the first time for a huge prize pool of £1 lol, it was good fun, especially when I used  my table image to bluff my friend out of a huge pot (it helped that he only held trash :p).

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