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A New Game

I was feeling pretty good, so decided to sit in a game, it didn’t work out I screwed up my post-flop play and paid off AK with AQ, but I’m feeling OK about it, I’ve realized my mistakes here, thanks to the folks at HPT and look forward to maybe getting back to my routine tomorrow.

Here’s the HPT discussion on the hand, including a link to the hand history :

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A Break

I’m having a little break at the moment. I’ve ran into a few difficult situations lately and even more really unlucky ones and its started to build up on me, so I’m trying to regain my energy and mentality for the game by sitting out for a while.

Its only mid day so far though and the urge to play is very strong, but I know I won’t be playing at my best so it will be just pointless, instead I’m doing a little reading on the psychology of poker, as my continued lack of emotional control after a bad run needs some real improvement, and I can always be more patient and more disciplined at the poker table.

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