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Negative Re-inforcement

To summarize after my really big group of loossing sessions where I tilted off a large portion of my built up profits I had a good session, including two 1st place finishes, since though the story as been bleaker, where besides the occassional 3rd place cash I’ve been finishing out of the money pretty consistently.

I have come to realized why this is. After reading up on poker psychology during my day off from the tables, I have become aware of something known as negative re-inforcement where bad decisions are repeated because the mind remembers being rewarded for making them before. To relate this to poker, if you start making bad plays, but get lucky know and then, your mind remembers this reward for the bad play and you develop a tendency to repeat the bad play when that same situation comes up again.

So, theorizing over my recent sessions I think during my huge negative swing where I stayed up all night for two days constantly trying to win back my earlier losses, (what I put down to being card dead) I made some bad decisions and probably loosened up my starting requirements considerbly and now and then I got lucky and won some money back, which as re-informced this bad play, which I have likely been bringing into my game in my last few sessions, including the recent winning session, where I was probably on the right side of the flop that time.

I’ve sat down in two games today so far and payed close attention to how I was playing and I noticed that during both games after waiting for some cards to come, A9 or A7s looks like pocket kings and I had to fight real hard to toss such trash.

So in both games my focus as not been winning as such, although that obviously is what I am striving for, but what I have realized is even more important making good descions and playing my game the way I know I should, it all comes down to patience and discipline, but after realizing I’ve been rewarding myself when I’ve played badly its even more important I pay strict attention to my game whilst at the poker table and so I can get back on track.

In both of my games so far, I was bubbled in 4th, but feel I played as best as I could in each and just didn’t make the money this time. In each the blinds where 600/300 with a 25 ante before I was railed so knocking me out was no walk over for my opponents.

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