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Session Update

Just finished my best game so far, taking 1st place. Its nice to finally break my run of 3rd, 4th, 5th and worse finishes of late. I’m really happy I can start to feel my usual game return, its like vodka to an alcoholic lol

The raiser here had pushed all-in recent hands when I had pocket pairs as low as 9’s, so I was confident he didn’t have a pocket pair, certainly nothing as high as my tens, so I made him pay the max to try and chase against my made pair with his AJ – AK style hand. When he turned over, I was pleased my read was correct, though less pleased to see he paired his king on the turn, thankfully the river was kind giving me a set.

Whilst heads-up, whenever I had a premium hand or if I was representing a premium hand I would raise to 1200, three times the big blind, otherwise I would check from the BB or call from the SB and occasionally fold. This time though I find pocket aces and want to trap him for all his chips, though I didn’t expect him to fall for it in such a spectacular fashion 🙂

I knew if I raised to 1200 he would put me on a premium hand (or should) and unless he had one also he would fold pre-flop only giving me the blinds and antes. I also considered that if I simply called from the SB and then raise him big on the flop, or even the turn it will look like I’m trying to trap him and of course that allows the possibility for him to out flop me. I raise to 800, two times the big blind and he takes the bate, pushing all-in, I have an easy call and the flop puts a big grin on my face, I flop a full house!

here’s the hand :

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